Saturday, 3 December 2016

Springfield Hospital Scotland Lane Horsforth, Springfield House and School from 1900 to 1975

Springfield Convalescent Home Scotland Lane Horsforth was opened in 1900 by the Leeds Workpeoples Hospital Fund for their subscribers who paid one penny a week collected in mills, factories and workplaces all over Leeds. It was extended in 1906 and a stone laid by Fred Sparks to commemorate the occasion. In 1911 Lord Airedale the founder of the Hospital Fund died and a memorial sundial was erected in front of the Hospital in 1912. Springfield served as a hospital until 1950 when it changed use to a children's special school. Later in 1992 Yugoslavian refugees were housed there for a while. It later became offices for Xsiro and still is. The Sundial disappeared before it became a school, it would be nice to know where such an important memorial went?

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