Monday, 25 February 2013

Horsforth Museum Pictures

Taken from Museum publication( Horsforth Trivia) this lady was still working at the age of 102 years in the fields of Horsforth. Extensive booklets on sale as little as £2 which cover the local and social history in Horsforth with information about the families which were most prominent. 
 Display of Household wares of by-gone years including one of the earliest electric washing machines donated by an electical repair shop on New Road Side Horsforth. All exhibits have been donated by the public.
Child's toy pram from the toy display dated around the time of the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth 2nd in 1953 the Coronation Jubilee is this year 2013. 
Dolls and toys from 1930s to around the Coronation year.
How we were entertained in the home around the 1950s. There is an exhibition of everyday objects, news and events from the 1953 Coronation to the present day celebrating the Jubilee of the Queen's Coronation.
Kitchen utensils from yester a year 

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