Monday, 25 February 2013

Museum getting ready to open in the Spring

If your live in Tinshill or cross Horsforth bridge near the Fox and Hounds you will be familiar with this view. Some folk may be interested to visit the New Old Ball recently refurbished, not on this picture and the old original Old Ball pub is a little hard to spot but it is there at he top of Station Road a little up Brownberrie Lane about where the bus stop is now. The Cove fish and Chip Shop also not built at the time of this photo the plot seams to be alotments, but there was a fish and chip shop at the top of Station Road somewhere between the Adair Paxton estate agents and the Vets.

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  1. This photograph from Tinshill across to Horsforth must have been taken in the 1940/50? can anyone date it axactly